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February 04, 2010
Written by The 405

large_Foot Village

This week the focus of our attention has been on dreamy bands, cosmic sounds and pictures depicting a particular feeling. Well today I’d like to start with a video. A video so awesome, so intense and so captivating that I feel totally vindicated by my choice.

Described by their label (Upset The Rhythm) as a ‘drum-n-shout assembly’, this Los Angeles based band are just incredible. As you can probably tell by the video above, and their awesome genre tag, this band are mainly focused around a drum kit – or two. It’s pretty primal stuff. I don’t really want to get into the whole ‘this takes us back to our primitive past’ type discussions but there must be something in it to a certain degree. Every time I hear them I just feel energised by the whole situation.

They’re a hard band to really describe in terms of reference points. I certainly can’t think of any other band quite like them. I think what really makes them stand out is the spirit they have and the atmosphere they create, which seems to be contagious in a live environment. Sort of like what Dan Deacon or Lucky Dragons have mastered, except it’s not electronic – it’s just an in-your-face wave of attack and pounding rhythm.

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