L.A. Record St. Paddy’s Day Mix Tape

Foot Village’s “National Jamthum” is featured on the LA Record St. Paddy’s Day Mix Tape, alongside other awesome acts like Kid Infinity and Miss Cincinnati. Enjoy the free booze toons.


Salt And Candy – Kid Infinity
Vile Bile – Scribe And The Aborted
Cautionary Drinking – Bloody Death Skull
Battle Hymn Of The Female Socialist Alcoholics – Man-Power
Beer – Michael Nhat
Drink On Floor – Zackey Force Funk
Mass – E and E
Johny Drink Whiskey – Shmadeo Shmead
four P.M. – howardAmb
Howl Like A Wolf – Les bicyclettes blanches
Get Wasted – The Fitz Blitz
National Jamthum – Foot Village

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